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Friends of eTwinning: Scientix

Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, promotes and supports European collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other STEM education professionals.

Since 2010, Scientix has been helping European STEM educators inspire young people to take a keener interest in their science, technology, engineering and mathematics classes. Scientix is funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Directorate under the H2020 programme.

In its first stage, Scientix built an online portal to collect and present European STEM education projects which now contains more than 650 projects and 3050 resources. This was followed by the creation of a network of National Contact Points (NCPs) which support the development of innovative approaches in science education at a national level.


Community involvement is important within Scientix, and it aims to provide a common space for all actors in STEM education and create a connection between STEM educators, researchers and policymakers. In Scientix, the community of educators is represented by 473 teachers from 43 countries who have volunteered to act as Scientix Ambassadors. They actively support the dissemination of Scientix and contribute to the exchange of practices and knowledge among all STEM education stakeholders in Europe.

Facilitating an exchange of ideas for the science education community in Europe has always been one of the core activities for Scientix. In 2016, the project initiated the STEM Discovery Campaign which aims to bring together organisations, libraries, schools, universities and youth clubs across Europe and around the world to showcase their STEM projects in a big online campaign. This year, the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign runs from 1 February to 30 April and will welcome STEM enthusiasts from all across the world to become a partner of the campaign. They will have an opportunity to take part in several competitions with prizes such as an invitation for a Scientix workshop in Brussels, a drone or Microsoft Surface Go.


If you take a closer look both at Scientix and eTwinning, you will realise that these two projects have a lot in common. They both put community building and European collaboration as their top priority while empowering and inspiring teachers to take further action and implement innovative ideas and approaches in their classes.

As 2020 is the year of Climate Change and Environmental Challenges for eTwinning, this might also be another point in common for these two big projects. This year, eTwinning wants teachers and students to focus on developing their competences in science, technology, engineering and maths through dedicated projects tackling the annual topic. Scientix, with the repository of over 650 projects, has noticed a significant increase of interest from science teachers in environmental topics which appear in many projects and resources added on the portal. Scientix resources are completely free and the vivid community of Scientix gathered in the Science Teachers in Europe group on Facebook is eager to welcome and help anyone who would like to make use of them, discuss any other issue or just share an inspiring material they found online.