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EUROPEANA – Cultural heritage at your fingertips!

eTwinning Friend Europeana is on a mission of empowering the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation. As a member of Friends Network, EUROPEANA develops expertise, tools and policies that embrace digital change, encourage partnerships and foster innovation.

Europeana offers free access to all those with interest in and passion for cultural heritage. Its ever-growing online catalogue currently counts more than 50 million works through 3,500 participating cultural history institutions (libraries, museums, archives and galleries). These resources are free to all, allowing those who are interested to use cultural heritage for education, research, creation and recreation.

Europeana’s work contributes to strengthening a more open, knowledgeable and creative society, and it goes beyond pure collecting and displaying of its numerous resources. As an eTwinning Friend, Europeana has constantly made efforts to share tools and expertise with eTwinners, thus illustrating its richness through ease of adaptation to nearly every annual theme.

In 2018, when eTwinning explored Cultural Heritage, Europeana held a workshop at the eTwinning Annual Conference about teaching with digital cultural heritage. In 2019, as eTwinning focused on Democratic Participation, during the Annual Conference Europeana invited eTwinners to delve into critical thinking and the use of primary resources. By illustrating effective techniques to spot fake news and form an independent opinion, Europeana prepared eTwinners to embrace and work on Media Literacy and Disinformation in 2021. No topic is out of reach for Europeana, which discussed sustainable development through citizenship at the Annual Conference when eTwinners learnt about climate change and environmental challenges in 2020.

The Europeana classroom is one of the dedicated education initiatives that provide engaging tools and capacity-building opportunities for professionals with more than 400+ learning resources, video tutorials, apps and games. With the aim of bringing cultural heritage closer to the younger generations, Europeana organises a variety of competitions like Transcribathon and GIF IT UP that challenges people to reuse digitised cultural heritage material to produce and share unique gifs. With its activities, Europeana supports the EU Digital Education Plan 2021-2027, providing diverse and accessible high-quality digital content.

Interested in creating your own gallery? Register in Europeana and let your creativity flow!