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eTwinning welcomes Montenegro to the community

We are delighted to announce that Montenegro has joined the eTwinning family.

Montenegro has always been a key country for the European Neighbourhood Policy in the Balkans and has already developed a prosperous future to be a Member State of the European Union.

When it comes to education, according to the European Commission, Montenegro specifically aims to develop:

a society of knowledge, where education, as the key factor of economic and social development, will be high-quality, flexible, and efficient with professional human resources who will have competitive knowledge, skills, and competences and who will be qualified to take part in the labour market, where each individual has equal opportunities for personal and professional development.

To achieve the expectations and as a proof of commitment, as of April 2022, Montenegro became the newest country involved in eTwinning.

Teachers in Montenegro can now begin their own adventure into eTwinning, take part in projects, meet colleagues from other countries and cultures, and enrol in various continuous professional development opportunities. Members of the eTwinning community now have the opportunity to engage in collaborative activities with their counterparts in Montenegro and build links and connections with them.

Read more about Montenegro’s education system and its ongoing reforms and policy developments from the Eurydice Network.