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eTwinning Weeks 2021 Campaign is coming!

eTwinning is thrilled to announce the launch of the eTwinning Weeks 2021 Campaign based on the annual theme of Media Literacy and Disinformation. It will take place between the 1st of September and the 28th of October.

The campaign aims to offer eTwinners the chance to receive support for the first steps towards creating their own quality eTwinning projects around the annual theme and to develop professionally.

Online events including expert talks, project fairs and best-practice sessions will guide you through the creation of an innovative project. It will also provide you with specialist knowledge on pedagogies related to media literacy and disinformation.

Here are some of the initiatives that will be taking place during the campaign:

  • The Support Scheme

The support scheme is an initiative for eTwinners who want to create projects around this year’s theme but feel the need for a little guidance. We have selected experienced eTwinner-Coaches- who are ready to guide you and offer their expertise on how to create unique, quality projects.

Participants will be guided through the campaign and advised on the process of starting a new quality project about media literacy. Are you interested in becoming a participant? Sign up here

  • Webinars

Webinars are live communication sessions led by experts, all surrounding the theme of Media Literacy and Disinformation. Notably, a webinar with Commissioner Gabriel, Judit Polgar and eTwinning projects on chess in education will take place.

  • Best-practice sessions

You will also have the opportunity to attend two best-practice sessions, during which representatives from successful eTwinning projects will share their advice and expertise on how to create a quality project.

You can access the campaign and find more information here

We are looking forward to welcoming you at eTwinning Weeks 2021!