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eTwinning Schools: Beyond the Label

‘eTwinning has brought innovation and European collaboration to our school, which changed its way of working by placing special emphasis on project-based learning and active collaboration in and outside of the school.’

A teacher from the eTwinning School Col·legi Sant Josep, Navàs, Spain

As the applications for the eTwinning Schools Label 2021/2022 enter the final phase, it is time to focus on the benefits of the Label and the meaning behind this recognition. If your school has been contacted to apply – congratulations and do not forget to submit the application before 8th February 2021!

Recognised as pillars of eTwinning, eTwinning Schools are awarded for their commitment and involvement in eTwinning, with focus on ways eTwinning is embedded and applied to the school’s polices, practices and professional development opportunities. As trailblazers and drivers in their own communities, eTwinning Schools are recognised leaders at European level that often seek further opportunities for the school’s development. Many of them are involved in joint actions with other schools and institutions, thus proving that obtaining the eTwinning School Label was often a first step in their school’s international journey.

All the values of eTwinning Schools are captured by the eTwinning Schools Mission Statement which identifies five areas eTwinning Schools are dedicated to, and acts a guide for schools interested in obtaining the Label:

  • eTwinning Schools have a commitment to shared leadership
  • eTwinning Schools display a strong commitment to collaboration, sharing and teamwork
  • Students in eTwinning Schools are agents of change
  • eTwinning Schools as models for other schools
  • eTwinning Schools are inclusive and innovative learning organisations

Becoming an eTwinning School is first and foremost a recognition for the school’s committed staff, where both teachers and school leaders are active eTwinners who work tirelessly and jointly with their students. This approach is at the core of the 2020 eTwinning Schools and Shared Leadership Monitoring Report. If you are interested in first-hand testimonials of what being an eTwinning School means, the Monitoring Report offers a unique perspective. The first part analyses the answers to a survey which involved 1,261 eTwinning Schools, with the second part offering a more in-depth insight into the following six eTwinning Schools and their specific journeys:

  • Lycée des métiers Louis Blériot, France
  • Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Direzione Didattica Ottavo Circolo, Piacenza, Italy
  • Scoala Gimnaziala nr.17, Botosani, Romania
  • Col·legi Sant Josep, Navàs, Spain
  • Dr İlhami Tankut Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

Read more about the conclusions from the Online Conference for eTwinning Schools – Shared Leadership: towards an eTwinning School approach, and the eTwinning School commitment to teamwork and collaboration.