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eTwinning Prize celebrations 2019

eTwinning celebrated the 2019 European Prize winners in Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain Malta and Germany.

The European eTwinning prize competition is the highest recognition for eTwinning projects and is awarded by an international jury of experts to the best projects of the year at European level.

This year, from the 860 projects submitted, four winners were identified, one for each of the age categories: Storytelling Leads to robotics (0-6 age category), The story of a 1 €uro coin (7-11), The truth behind palm oil (12-15) and In Sight In Mind (16-19). All these projects are great examples of collaboration and demonstrated excellent achievements.

The ceremony for the Age Category 16-19 took place on the 18 of April in Turkey and Greece with great success. Parents, teachers and local authorities were all present to celebrate. Michael Teutsh, Head of Unit “School and Educators; Multilingualism” congratulated the winners at “Zile Fen Lisesi School” in Turkey via a video message and the ceremony received coverage in a Turkish local newspaper. A fitting way to celebrate the winning project: “In Sight In Mind”.

In Greece the ceremony took place in Thessaloniki where Tapio Säävälä, the Head of Unit at EACEA, addressed the audience via a video message. The Greek and Turkish schools connected via a videoconference during the concurrent ceremonies and the students took part in a quiz prepared by their teachers related to the topic of their award winning project.

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The project awarded in the Age Category 12-15 is: “The truth behind palm oil” between I.C.S. “Fra’ Ambrogio da Calepio” and “Institut Jaume Callís”. The ceremonies took place in Italy and Spain simultaneously where Cécile Le Clercq, Senior Policy Officer, European Commission in attendance in Italy, and Aristea Politi, Administrative Assistant, European Commission present in Spain to congratulate the teachers and give eTwinning gadgets to the pupils. An article was published by the Italian newspaper celebrating the Italian schools’ success in the competition.

These winners stood out for dealing in a very innovative way with the annual theme of eTwinning Democratic Participation.

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The project “Storytelling Leads to robotics” was the winner of the Age Category 0-6. Ceremonies took place in “St.Thomas More College Marsaskala Primary” Malta and “École maternelle Capsus” in France on 22 of May. Ministries of education, and dignitaries were present at both ceremonies to congratulate the students and teachers on their success. In France a video message was sent by Cécile Le Clercq Senior Policy Officer, European Commission. The students, although only six years old, really enjoyed the ceremony and loved the gifts they received. An article was published in a local French newspaper in the following days.

The pupils who were awarded in Malta are from four different countries. One of the students, who moved to Germany with his family, came back to Malta because he wanted to be part of the prize ceremony.

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Finally, the last ceremonies took place on the 6 of June to award the Age Category 7-11 for the project: “The story of a 1 €uro coin”. The celebrations included the students from both “Schillerschule Gymnasium” in Hannover and their partners in “Collège Henri Brunet” in Caen, France. In Germany the programme started with a speech by Wilhelm Vukovich, Progamme Manager, European Commission.

During the videoconference the schools reported the results of a survey they had conducted, examining the students’ knowledge of topics related to the project using a Mentimeter.

In Germany the ceremony ended with an inspiring speech given by a student:

“eTwinning is possible because of the European Union. Whatever you may think about the European Union and its imperfections - indeed the many thereof - I think a consensus can be reached that despite her shortcomings, the union is better than killing each other in a war that creates nothing but losers.”