The eTwinning platform is now available in Irish and Icelandic

eTwinning, following the multilingualism policy of the European Commission, expands its language versions to Irish and Icelandic.

The European Commission’s multilingualism policy has three aims: to encourage language learning and promote linguistic diversity in society, to promote a multilingual economy, and last but not least to give citizens access to EU information in their own languages.

In eTwinning, Ireland counts 1809 schools, 3612 teachers, and 73 eTwinning European Quality Labels, and Iceland 316 schools, 1783 teachers, and 109 eTwinning European Quality Labels. Both countries have been members of eTwinning since its birth in 2005.

Irish and Icelandic teachers are enthusiastic members of the eTwinning community with active participation in eTwinning projects, conferences, events and online courses. It is therefore quite natural that eTwinning gives its teachers access to the eTwinning Platform in their own native languages.

"eTwinning Ireland are delighted that the Irish language is now represented on the eTwinning platform. We look forward to our teachers utilising this feature in their continuing eTwinning endeavours. This innovation will be of particular benefit to the 300+ Gaelscoileanna across Ireland operating wholly through the medium of Irish – we look forward to growing this community within the platform."

John Taite, eTwinning officer, Ireland

"The eTwinning community is extremely important for our small and isolated island. The connections made all over Europe provide our teachers with fresh ideas, as well as opening the doorway for new cultures to Icelandic students. We at the National Support Organisation are excited about the opportunity to have the Icelandic language available on the platform, and believe it is a stepping stone for the ever-growing Icelandic eTwinning community."

Jóhann Páll Ástvaldsson, Project Manager of eTwinning, Iceland