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eTwinning in Moldova - Creativity during school closures

In the Republic of Moldova, teachers are teaching their students remotely which requires a lot of patience, time and creativity and their moto is “Remote - but together in eTwinning”.

During this difficult period, teachers have to find ways and methods to help them to continue teaching their students. This process requires perseverance, motivation, involvement and creativity.

Nowadays, technology plays an important role in education as it is readily available, however, being involved in eTwinning has an even bigger advantage. Teachers in Moldova learn a lot about online collaboration and therefore this has helped them a lot with how they have transferred teaching their students online, rather than face to face.

Teachers in the Republic of Moldova quickly identified the tools available in the eTwinning platform so that they could use these to create a virtual classroom, along with a variety of web 2.0 tools. To help with this, they decided to use eTwinning and TwinSpace because it allows teachers to continue the teaching-learning-evaluation process virtually whilst still communicating with both students and their parents.

For example Olga Juravschi, a Mathematics teacher in Public Institution Theoretical Lyceum “Andrei Straistă”, Anenii Noi, created the eTwinning project “Mathematics for All” (Matematica pentru toți).

The project was created and dedicated entirely to continue studying mathematics during COVID-19. The TwinSpace of this project is a virtual classroom, which helps us to collaborate and interact asynchronously. Our team consists of six mathematics teachers from the Republic of Moldova and Romania and our students from the 9th and 10th form. In this virtual classroom, we have the opportunity to create a page for each topic and to post the contents of the different topics and tests.

We also incorporate video resources and other additional materials available on the internet which also helps with the students’ learning of algebra and geometry. In the Materials section, folders were created for pupils’ homework. The TwinSpace serves as a portfolio to store and keep the contents of the lessons for a long period.

Ludmila Cojocari, a Mathematics teacher in Public Institution Theoretical Lyceum “Gaudeamus”, Chisinau developed a project turning the TwinSpace into a virtual classroom.

When the eTwinning Virtual Classroom project was approved, I immediately started working with students. The virtual classroom is the TwinSpace and it offers a multitude of options. I successfully use them all to so that the online collaboration with students is more attractive, interesting, and diverse.

The platform allows us to upload educational resources for students including a variety of different materials and we also incorporate games and tests into the TwinSpace. The platform also allows us to communicate with them online in the forum and chat facility.

Learn with eTwinning, improve your skills and stay connected.