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eTwinning Groups – a tool for meeting and collaborating online

These last few weeks since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe, we have witnessed not only the closure of a lot of schools but also many seminars and networking events for teachers have been cancelled. Online continuous professional development and networking for teachers has always been a strength of eTwinning and therefore, we would like to make you aware of eTwinning Groups.

eTwinning Groups are virtual spaces where eTwinners meet, discuss and share specific subjects, topics or other areas of interest. Through these Groups, eTwinning teachers are able to share their expertise, disseminate best practice and connect with other teachers across Europe and beyond. The best is, it all happens online.

The topics of these Groups vary from Science to Languages and they include resources such as methodologies and teaching strategies. You can also create and join Groups for teachers within your school or local area. It’s a simple search for “Groups on eTwinning Live” and then you can join!

Featured Groups” are run by experienced eTwinners on a variety of topics. Currently, there are 15 active Featured Groups focusing on specific themes such as English, environmental education, Coding and STEM. Each Featured Group sets out activities and tasks for teachers to discuss and collaborate on. Featured Groups are open for all eTwinners, regardless of their teaching level.

Some Featured Groups are targeted to certain school levels or staff. For example, there is a Group for school leadership.
To target vocational education and training (VET) teachers and schools, a new Featured Group for VET has been launched in April 2020. This Group “Global Community of Practice” invites all VET teachers to share projects and examples of good practice, and to collaborate together on activities such as online events.

The Featured Groups are also organising collaborative activities during the Covid-19 outbreak, to support eTwinning teachers, and to share the best practices amongst the members. These activities also touch upon the Group’s theme and the annual eTwinning theme. To name a few examples:

  • Bringing eSafety into eTwinning projects” is running online events on how eTwinning Featured Groups can support teachers working from home during this period of school closures.
  • English as a Second language” is sharing examples on how to create online meetings and educational materials for your students when schools are closed.
  • Creative Classroom” is sharing examples on how to be creative and environmental at home and with your students.
  • Entrepreneurship in Education” is organising Twitter chats and online challenges on climate change and environmental challenges.
  • Are you new to eTwinning? Then make sure to visit “Virgilio”, the Group for assisting you through your eTwinning journey which has a number of resources to help you with online teaching whilst using eTwinning.

Make sure to discover all the Featured Groups and join on eTwinning Live!