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eTwinning Day 2022. Draw your dream school: beautiful, sustainable, together

In line with the eTwinning annual theme and the spirit of the New European Bauhaus initiative, the community celebrated eTwinning Day 2022 with tailor-made activities to encourage teachers and students to rethink the way they teach, learn, and ‘live’ together at school.

The Twitter campaign and the new eTwinning Annual Group, ‘Our Future Beautiful, Sustainable, Together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus’ were launched by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth on 2 May, kicking off a week of celebrations and inspiring activities that reached their peak on 9 May, eTwinning Day 2022.

Teachers were invited to reimagine and think about the aspects of their schools they like the most with their students. And think about which elements they would like to change or add to make their schools more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive.

Teachers helped their students draw, take pictures, create mock-ups, and design posters about their ‘Dream School’ and shared them on social media using the hashtags #eTwinningDay and #eTw4Future.

From Moldova:

From Turkey: ;

From Romania: ; ;

From Georgia:

From Croatia:

From Lithuania:

Different activities for the whole community were also organised in the annual group:

The webinar that was co-organised by the Creative Classroom and English as a Second Language eTwinning Featured Groups took place on 9 May, and it allowed eTwinners to meet and have discussions in real time. More than 400 people took part in creative activities, quizzes, and games that embodied the spirit of the New European Bauhaus. The recording is available below:

eTwinning Day is over but online events and campaigns will be organised throughout the rest of the year.

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