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eTwinning – Bringing the Community for Schools in Europe Home

How is eTwinning helping teachers and the educational community now that schools in Europe are temporarily closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?


For the past 15 years, eTwinning has nurtured a community for schools in Europe and beyond in a carefully curated online space, welcoming teachers and educators interested in working together. Over the years, this community has been encouraging almost 800,000 eTwinners to cooperate, share experiences and use digital tools to create projects with their students. Most importantly, eTwinning has allowed them to go beyond the walls of their classrooms and meet the world outside. As teachers are playing a main role in moving schools from physical spaces to digital ones, eTwinning extends its support to accommodate their current needs.

For the first time, and only for this specific period, eTwinning is allowing teachers from the same school to work on a project together. This will enable teachers to use the TwinSpace as a virtual platform accessible by their students engaged in classroom activities. Whilst the intra-school projects are a novelty to accommodate these unprecedented times, European projects continue to be at the core of eTwinning. Now, more than ever, teachers may find it motivating to collaborate with colleagues from other countries seeking joint solutions to the same challenges. National Support Services and Partner Support Agencies from the 44 eTwinning countries are also actively engaging at a national level, supported by the network of eTwinning Ambassadors. They are creating and hosting online events like seminars, Learning Events as well as TeachMeets where teachers are invited to discuss ideas and more.

On April 20, eTwinning will launch the Group ‘eTwinning at Home – eTwinning in times of school closure’ showcasing a collection of inspirational materials gathered from all over the community. Dedicated pages will include testimonials of teachers, collaborative online activities, tutorials on a variety of topics and some practical examples of activities from selected projects. Registered eTwinners can also attend online events to learn and share how they are addressing distance teaching.

The eTwinning Portal continues to be a window to the community giving a voice to teachers. Their stories will hopefully serve as inspiration, offer strength and determination and spread a clear message: You are not alone.

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