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eTwinning - Experiencing and learning history with the European Heritage Label

European Heritage sites are milestones in the creation of today’s Europe. Spanning from the dawn of civilization to the Europe we see today, these sites celebrate and symbolise European values, history and integration.

eTwinning recognises the importance of cultural heritage and has been fostering its teaching and learning since 2005. During 2018 it was The European Year of Cultural Heritage, eTwinning especially focused on the theme. During this time eTwinning provided teachers and students with a variety of resources and great ideas for class activities on this topic, as well as activities for outside of the school community.

The European Heritage Label, one of the specific actions of the Creative Europe Programme, helps you identify and choose the next destination for you and your students to explore. Discover sites, either virtually or in person, while learning, experiencing and teaching the importance of our common European history.

Visit the European Heritage Label Sites map and discover sites in Europe, from Athens to Riga and from the Azores to Bucharest. These sites have been carefully selected for their symbolic European value, the role they have played in European history and the activities they offer that bring the European Union and its citizens closer together.

Are you an eTwinner fascinated by European Cultural Heritage? Are you interested in cultural landscapes or natural, marine, archaeological, industrial, or urban sites? Do you wish to learn about monuments, places of remembrance, cultural objects and the intangible heritage associated with a place? When you travel do you always like finding out about the history of a place, its iconic buildings, knowing why it is the way it is? Do you wish to share with your students the same fascination and passion about history as well?

Discover which sites speak to you and prepare for your next eTwinning adventure.

How can European Heritage Label sites participate in eTwinning projects?

European Heritage Label sites organise educational activities, especially for young people, which increase the understanding of the common history of Europe and which strengthen their sense of belonging to a common space. Invited to your TwinSpace, European Heritage Label sites can share these activities with you and your students.

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