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eTwinners, we would like to hear your views: new Public Consultation on Pathways to School Success

The new Pathways to School Success initiative, led by European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, intends to promote better educational outcomes for young Europeans.

Since the beginning in 2005, teachers who work in eTwinning projects have as one of their aims to widen the horizons of their pupils, addressing the educational challenges and answering them in the most creative and powerful way.

Throughout 2017, the eTwinning world dealt with the theme of inclusion. The eTwinning book “Building a culture of inclusion through eTwinning” presents a selection of eTwinning projects and activities promoting inclusive education and shows how the teachers and the pupils involved in eTwinning contribute to addressing educational challenges such as keeping the full inclusion of young people with learning difficulties, school refusal issues, and young people with lower levels of qualifications or poor school performance.

This work has been valued and further strengthened by the eTwinning schools, which are active in promoting the eTwinning values and pedagogy, are a point of reference for their local community and represent a model for other schools.

Teachers in eTwinning schools use eTwinning to support and deliver their curriculum using innovative pedagogical models which include, among a variety of approaches, collaborative learning, student-centred education, flexible approaches to learning times and learning spaces.

Furthermore, as the result of work undertaken at EU level since 2011 in relation to early school leaving (ESL), the European Commission has developed the European Toolkit for Schools, which offers concrete ideas for improving collaboration within, between and beyond schools with a view to enabling all children and young people to succeed in school.

eTwinning contributes to fulfilling the vision set out in this consultation and we invite the members of the community to share their views!

The Open Public Consultation launched by the European Commission will collect ideas for possible measures to be included in the new initiative to build a comprehensive policy framework.

It will promote better educational outcomes for all young Europeans, in particular by:

  • helping pupils reach a baseline level of proficiency in basic skills 
  • reducing early leaving from education/training
  • encouraging pupils to complete upper secondary education. 

It will lead to a proposal for a Council Recommendation, focusing on groups at risk.

European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, commented:

“Ensuring all learners can achieve their full potential, regardless of their socio-economic background or personal situation, is essential to make European societies fairer, more inclusive and better prepared for the future. And this is even more urgent now, with the pandemic having exposed and, in some cases, magnified existing inequalities, gaps and needs in our education systems.” 

The public consultation is open for submissions until 30 September 2021

Help shape the Pathways to School Success initiative. Access the consultation here