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eTwinners, it is time to have your say: Open Public consultation on Education for a greener and more sustainable Europe.

The European Commission has just launched an Open Public consultation on Education for a greener and more sustainable Europe. This consultation is available and open to anyone!

Since its beginning eTwinning has been a champion of Environmental Education. Schools participating in eTwinning have been equipping teachers with the necessary information and knowledge to help them reflect on climate change and make their students understand its implications.

In 2020, believing that teachers and their students play an important role in raising awareness about the imminent changes that are expected to challenge humanity as a consequence of climate change, eTwinning focused solely on Climate Change and Environmental Challenges.

Additionally, the eTwinning Featured Group, Sustainability Education Network Service eTwinning: SENSE Group has been keeping busy with a series of online workshops for SENSE members on education for environmental sustainability. These events, which took place between April and June, were a great opportunity for eTwinners to hear from guest speakers, network with fellow SENSE members and share practice on how they should approach learning for sustainability in schools.

However, the good work never ends!

By participating in the consultation, teachers of eTwinning can help the European Commission propose in 2021 a recommendation on education for environmental sustainability for learners of all ages and at all levels of education.

This consultation is an important step in helping EU countries cooperate and develop stronger policies on education for environmental sustainability, climate education, biodiversity and related topics, and eTwinners are the best equipped teachers to do so.

eTwinners will have the chance to answer questions such as:

  • Are learners in Europe being equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to act on the climate emergency and biodiversity loss?
  • Are teachers being prepared and supported to teach about these difficult issues in a way that empowers their students?
  • Are curricula supporting the development of attitudes and values needed to promote environmental sustainability?
  • How can we ensure that young people acquire the right skills for the green jobs of the future?

The Consultation was launched on Friday 18 June, and will be open for 14 weeks, until 24 September 2021. Access the consultation and shape your future, and the future of your students.