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eTwinlandia: A journey in democratic discovery

Welcome to eTwinlandia! Would you like to grab a coffee in Kindness Village? Or a cup of tea in Connect Town? What about a day trip from Influenceville to Supportville? Confused? Do not worry - President T. Winspace will happily show you around!

eTwinlandia is an activity created specifically to put into practice democratic values which was used during the networking exercise at the eTwinning Annual Conference 2019. A citizen of eTwinlandia had discovered a long-lost piece of the country’s emblem, the Ostraka. For two days, nearly 600 participants, most of whom teachers, became fully engaged citizens of eTwinlandia with one task to solve - decide which village will provide a home for the newly found piece of the Ostraka. Upon arrival, each participant received instructions regarding their role and the village they belonged to, together with five rules of eTwinlandia. During the Conference, they were encouraged to work democratically on a possible solution. The winner was then chosen during the final sessions through the democratic process, by having the most votes.


In the year eTwinning explored Democratic Participation, a journey to the imaginary country of eTwinlandia offered to the participants a first-hand example of democratic processes and how these are put in place. The scope of the activity was to gain insight in the benefits of applying the active citizenship principles in classrooms and the consequent effects these have on democratic societies through increased student participation and awareness.

Principles of democratic participation are integral to eTwinning. eTwinning enables teachers, students, parents and the local community to participate actively in variety of eTwinning projects, campaigns and professional development opportunities.

eTwinlandia is now available to all those interested in putting their democratic knowledge and principles in practice.