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Autumn is here. The new school year has begun, and eTwinning has prepared for a new adventure.

Teachers’ support of eTwinning is growing every year and today we are happy to count more than 700,000 registered users.

To show our appreciation, and to continue addressing your needs, we have improved our public portal with new pages and content.


In this section we explain why teachers should become eTwinners. Teachers can discover how eTwinning provides recognition to schools for their work; how collaboration works in eTwinning, and what kind of professional development opportunities they have.

Get started

Teachers can now find more support to help them through their eTwinning adventure. There are step-by-step guides on how to set up eTwinning projects and on how to work together. Finally, teachers are presented with the tools they need to improve and hone their skills.


In this section find out about the eTwinning network. The eTwinning community engages hundreds of thousands of teachers, who learn from each other, share practice and ideas and make eTwinning the biggest teacher network in the world.


This section brings you:

  1. News from across the eTwinning network. Look behind the scenes to explore what teachers gain from working with one another and their pupils across borders.
  2. eTwinning Reports are useful for journalists, researchers, and ministry officials to better understand the pedagogical process, impact and the methodologies used in eTwinning.

Get inspired

Need some inspiration? Find examples of real-life eTwinning practice and see that starting your own project can be simple and enjoyable. In this section there is a project gallery, eTwinning project kits and all the eTwinning books produced.

eTwinning Plus

eTwinning plus has its own dedicated section. In the section you will find news, kits and much more.

Go ahead and explore the new portal.