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2020 Annual Theme - Climate Change and Environmental Challenges

2020 is the year of Climate Change and Environmental Challenges for eTwinning.

“Our goal is to reconcile the economy with our planet, to reconcile the way we produce, the way we consume, with our planet and to make it work for our people”
Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Supporting the European Green Deal, eTwinning acknowledges that students of today are the adults of tomorrow most likely to experience the effects of climate change. That is why it is imperative to learn to live sustainably in order to counteract climate change and other environmental challenges.

Schools participating in eTwinning can equip teachers with the necessary information and knowledge to help them reflect on climate change and make their students understand its implications as early as possible. Additionally, we believe teachers and their students play an important role in raising awareness about the imminent changes that are expected to challenge humanity in the coming years in consequence to climate change.

Therefore, all throughout this year, the focus of eTwinning will be on assisting this process by making students more conscious consumers. This way, students will be guided towards developing new attitudes, learning about appropriate choices, and making more environmentally conscious choices.

Through dedicated projects tackling the topic, students will develop their competencies in science, technology, and engineering. These will help them to understand the changes caused by human activity and teach them about the responsibility they have as individual citizens. Learning about citizenship competencies and the ability to act as responsible citizens and fully participate in civic and social life will also be one of the objectives this year.

Finally, using their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving to work collaboratively and transform ideas on the planet’s protection into action, students and teachers will also build their entrepreneurship competence.

Learn more about the annual theme of 2020, read the project kits “Let Us Green Again” and “Take Action for the Future”.