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2019 is the year of Democratic Participation

Democratic Participation is an integral part of eTwinning.

eTwinning promotes active participation of students, teachers, and head teachers in collaborative activities. With its expanding network of schools, eTwinning can make an even bigger step and promote dialogue between schools, parents and their local communities.

Through eTwinning, teachers create projects that develop inclusion, freedom of speech, and promote a democratic dialogue that is governed by openness, accountability, effectiveness and coherence.

eTwinning promotes skills that are necessary to achieve a democratic culture such as autonomous learning, analytical and critical thinking, listening and observing, empathy, flexibility and adaptability, linguistic, communicative and plurilingual skills, co-operation, and conflict-resolution. Through these skills, eTwinning highlights the benefits of active citizenship and demonstrates that teachers can contribute to the creation of sustainable democracies.

eTwinning is possible because of the core values of democratic participation.

This year, let’s highlight the importance of working and achieving together - and promote the most important actors of eTwinning – teachers, students, and their voices.

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