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2019 Highlights from the eTwinning Groups!

In 2019, groups on eTwinning Live continued to grow and to attract new members. At the end of 2019, there were more than 3,500 active groups involving 130,000 eTwinners.

Through eTwinning Groups teachers are able to share their expertise, disseminate best practices and connect with other teachers across Europe and beyond. The topics of these groups vary from science education to language learning and includes resources, new methodologies and teaching strategies.

In 2019, over 700 eTwinners responded to a survey about eTwinning Groups. The most common reasons for teachers to create groups are to share good practice and activities among them, to communicate with other teachers in their region, and to share their results of Erasmus+ projects.

Featured Groups” are run by experienced eTwinners on a variety of topics. Currently, there are 14 active Featured Groups focusing on specific themes such as English as a second language, eSafety and environmental education. Each Featured Group sets out activities and tasks for teachers to discuss and collaborate on. Together, these Featured Groups attracted more than 84,000 eTwinners in 2019.

The Featured Group Moderators are also visible members in the eTwinning Community, and they actively organise online seminars, present during online conferences and create materials for eTwinners, such as “The Moderation Handbook” which will be published in early 2020.

Virgilio was a group that was originally created specifically for new eTwinners. However, it now includes information for eTwinners that have had some experience in eTwinning but would like to know more and can offer assistance to eTwinners in general.

The Annual Theme of Democratic Participation was also present in group activities. In the Featured Group “Game-based Classroom”, teachers created a collaborative eBook about teaching democracy.

How can you join an eTwinning group and experience all these activities? It is very easy! Just log in to eTwinning Live, go to the ‘Groups’ section, find a group for you using the search tool and join.