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eTwinning supports Ukrainian teachers and students

As the eTwinning community, we wish to express our solidarity to our Ukrainian friends, NSO colleagues, teachers, pupils following Russia’s violent invasion of their beloved country.

During its 9 years of participation in eTwinning, 3,271 teachers from 1,682 schools in Ukraine have built strong connections of friendship with other European teachers and schools by getting involved in collaborative projects and educational activities. 

On 24 February 2022, these connections were violently interrupted.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, mainly women and children, are fleeing their homeland and seeking asylum in other European countries. In addition to emergency and humanitarian aid needed in priority, these countries are looking for support in organising the provision of education to those children as soon as possible. Teachers from other countries are watching the war in Ukraine, and they are challenged to “teach history in real time” and explain to their students what is happening to their Ukrainian partners whilst wondering how to help them concretely.

eTwinning stands by the Ukrainian teachers and will offer support to them as follows:

1. The Featured Group on “integrating migrant students at school” will extend its focus to also strengthen teachers supporting refugees. The Group will be re-launched under the name “Integrating migrants and refugees at school” and will propose and share educational resources and activities for refugees and their teachers.

2. A new grassroots group will be launched with the support of the eTwinning National Support Organisations of Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. It can start with the partners of projects which involve Ukrainian teachers – but is not limited to those. The group aims at sharing and coordinating community-driven solidarity activities and emotional support for our Ukrainian friends.

3. Ukrainian teachers must continue to have access to eTwinning. Newly arrived Ukrainian refugee teachers who received a status in the host country allowing them to be integrated in the national education system will be able to register in eTwinning following validation by the eTwinning National Support Organisation in their host countries. eTwinners are also reminded that they can invite their Ukrainian colleagues, whether registered or not in eTwinning, as guests to their projects.

eTwinning is a community and, especially in moments of danger and grief, wants to demonstrate that we support each other. We count on you to play an active role in expressing your solidarity.

Together we are stronger.

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