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Join the generations@school project!

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The European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 is the occasion to add an intergenerational element to your eTwinning projects! Get involved by inviting older generations to your school and letting your pupils exchange and learn with and from them!


Dear teachers and pupils,


Solidarity between generations plays a crucial role, not only in improving the future of Europe as a whole, but also in our own lives. Older and younger people, by spending time together in their families and their communities, can learn many things from and about each other, thus  enriching their lives and their understanding of each other.


As part of the European Year, we propose to bring the dialogue between the generations into schools all over Europe. We invite all European schools to organize a generations@school day sometime around April 29th which is the European Day of Solidarity between Generations. The idea is to bring older people into the classrooms, to explore with the pupils how a better society for old and young can be built. Pupils can listen to the stories of the older people, and the older people to the dreams and fears of the younger. Let them reflect on what they could learn from each other and on what they could do together for a better future!


You will find some ideas on how to organize the generations@school day on the project website, but don't let these limit your imagination! If you are twinned with another school, you can use eTwinning to discuss your ideas and experiences with your partners, adding an international dimension to your project and giving your pupils an opportunity to discover how generations relate to each other elsewhere in Europe.


The generations@school website allows you to share your experiences and images (photos, drawings) on a map of Europe. By doing so, your project(s) will participate in a European competition. In each country, one outstanding generations@school project will be awarded a prize. And every participating school or class will receive a participation diploma to thank all teachers and students for their engagement and their solidarity. Do get involved!

We look forward to seeing your intergenerational experiences and wish you all the best,

European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012


Visit the generations@school website for more information and to download a resource kit to help you in your preparations.
Questions on the generations@school project can be addressed to: generationsatschool@paueducation.com.
For further information on the European Year, visit: http://europa.eu/active-ageing-2012


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  • Published: 17.09.2012
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