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eTwinning Weeks: Putting projects at the heart of European collaboration

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Welcome to another exciting year with eTwinning! We hope you’re looking forward to working with partner schools all over Europe and participating in some of most exciting educational projects that Europe has to offer.


What better way to start than by getting involved in our eTwinning weeks?  The theme this year will be eTwinning: Putting projects at the heart of European collaboration.

eTwinning weeks will run from the 24th of September until the 10th of October and will include activities, guidelines, practice examples and project kits: everything you need to find a partner and set up a project . . . 

There will also be special recognition for any eTwinning projects registered during the campaign, so if you’re planning to register a project soon, wait until the 24th of September and take advantage of our ‘new look’ Twinspace! 

But this is not all! We have prepared a special surprise for all eTwinners: you may become a member of the biggest project eTwinning has ever had! To find out more, wait a few days and we will open a special section on the Desktop. In the meantime, start looking for a partner and discuss your ideas and plans.

Good luck and stay tuned to the eTwinning Portal.

  • Web Editor: Deák Emese
  • Published: 28.08.2012
  • Last changed: 04.07.2016