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Solve riddles and discover the mysteries of European Cultural Heritage!

The eTwinning Spring Campaign kicks off with an Online Quest: an online game in which all the eTwinners can participate and win prizes!

The Online Quest is a part of eTwinning’s annual theme of “Europe’s cultural heritage”, following the European Commission’s call to celebrate the diversity of cultures across Europe.

This year’s Online Quest aims to raise awareness on the Europe’s cultural heritage in a playful way and to promote the eTwinning activities in schools.

The Online Quest is designed for pupils of all ages, grouped in two different categories: 6-12 and 12-18 years old. It is aimed at both newcomers, and experienced eTwinners. The winning teachers from each category will receive prizes for their classrooms.

The goal of this investigation-treasure hunt game is to help professor Olgar decode intercepted messages that clearly demand the theft of Europe’s cultural heritage!

Teachers and students will have 8 weeks to solve six different puzzles to unlock the mysteries of Europe’s cultural heritage.

You can participate in the game until 8th May 2018.

Be brave and join the Online Quest on eTwinning Live and good luck!