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Share your views on how to better promote Social Inclusion and Shared EU Values

The European Commission recently launched an open public consultation on “Promoting Social Inclusion and Shared EU Values through Formal and Non-Formal Learning” with a view to gather input from a wide range of stakeholders on the importance of equipping young people with shared values, and how education and non-formal learning can help achieve this aim in view of creating more socially cohesive societies.

It is particularly important to hear teachers and School staff views on these topics of utmost importance for education. This survey is part of a broader consultation to find out how the EU can better support the Member States in promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning. It also assesses how successful are education and training in helping young people acquire shared values and promoting social inclusion, by identifying which are the challenges and the objectives that should be pursued in this context. 

The questionnaire also assesses which tools, such as eTwinning, should be strengthened, in order to allow young people to understand the importance and adhere to shared values. Throughout 2017, eTwinning activities revolved around the topic of Inclusion, and how education can be mobilised effectively to promote the fundamental values of inclusion itself.  

The answers gathered through this survey will be used for the preparation of a Recommendation at EU level, to support Member States in providing education and training that promotes social inclusion and ownership of shared values while also contributing to preventing radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

Fill in the survey until 11 August 2017, share your views, and help creating more socially cohesive and inclusive societies through education!