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Professional Development Workshop for eTwinning ambassadors: acquiring new knowledge

A successful eTwinning professional development workshop took place in Bristol, United Kingdom, bringing together 151 eTwinning ambassadors from all over Europe.

The workshops were numerous with a big variety of themes and were designed to help participants not only acquire new skills but also hone their existing ones. The workshops evolved around the two pillars of eTwinning, namely building teachers’ pedagogical and ICT skills and encouraging the European cooperation, with the objective to train the participants, share good practices, improve the collaboration among the eTwinning ambassadors, and last but not least empower them to their task which is to support their fellow colleagues.

The eTwinning ambassadors participated actively in the training sessions offered by European experts on subjects such as public speaking, project-based learning, eSafety, and digital inclusion; and received guidance on how to deliver eTwinning start-up and thematic workshops.

PDW Bristol, UK

The participants left Bristol with the best impressions,

Thanks for everything. The organising team did a great job! I learned a lot and I'll try to inspire many colleagues. eTwinning NSS, CSS, European colleagues, our students deserve that extra effort.

Thank you for letting me attend my first eTwinning Conference for ambassadors - it was marvellous! Such a good spirit, such networking and so inclusive.

Thank you very much for the great opportunity to improve my skills as an ambassador, to meet and make new friends, to acquire new experience.

You can read more about this successful professional development workshop at this article Face to face workshops written by the UK National Support Service.