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Online Seminars

What is it?
Online Seminars are live communication sessions where you have a chance to learn, talk and discuss with your peers. The topics covered by Online Seminars are related to pedagogy and eTwinning aspects in general. They are led by an expert, and are run in a widely-spoken European language. You can get a certificate for participating in this event.

Who organises it? The eTwinning Central Support Service

Who can participate? All registered eTwinning teachers, up to a maximum of 200 participants.

Duration? The Online Seminars last from 1-2 hours.

Where? These events happen online in the Professional Development section of eTwinning Live.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in taking part in one of the following professional development opportunities, log in to eTwinning Live and check the Professional Development tab.

Watch all our Online Seminars here.

'Supporting multilingual classrooms'
Experts: Sara Breslin & Terry Lamb
9 February, 17:00 CET
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

Linguistic and cultural diversity is now the norm in European classrooms. What does this mean for teachers, both language teachers and teachers of other subjects? This seminar will provide an overview of the tools and activities developed and organised by the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe (ECML) in support of an inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural approach to teaching and learning.

'Collaborative Learning: from theory to practice'
Expert: Anna Laghigna
16 February, 18:00 CET
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

The proposed online seminar will:

  • share with the eTwinning community some of the key points to collaborative teaching and learning
  • highlight some of the video contributions made by other teacher members of the CoLAB project
  • focus on some of the challenges that teachers might face when planning collaborative activities in their classrooms
  • suggest alternative ways to assess students’ work through the use of rubrics, quick checks and peer reviews which can foster collaboration and provide discreet guidance through constructive feedback to students and teams.

'eTwinning School Concept'
Expert: Anne Gilleran
23 March, 18:00 CET
Language: English
Audience: Head teachers

From October 2017, your school will have the opportunity to gain the official title “eTwinning school”! In this Seminar we would like to present you the concept of eTwinning School.

'Assessment for Learning'
Expert: Domingos Fernandes
20 April, 17:00 CET
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

In this Seminar we will talk about classroom assessment that is designed to improve learning, and the fundamental role that assessment plays in the teaching-learning processes.