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Learning Events

What is it? 
Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. The themes are related to pedagogical aspects in particular. They are led by an expert, and include active work and discussion among teachers. Learning Events include asynchronous and sometimes synchronous activities, and are run in a widely-spoken European language. You can receive certificaiton for participating in this event.

Who organises it? The eTwinning Central Support Service

Who can participate? All registered eTwinning teachers. Participants may be selected according to theme of the event. Learning Events have an average of 200 participants.

Duration? Learning Events take place over 10 - 15 days.

Where? These events happen online in the eTwinning Learning Lab.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in taking part in one of the following professional development opportunities, log in to eTwinning Live and check the Professional Development tab.

'Teaching Remembrance and the First World War'
Expert: Huub Oattes, EUROCLIO
1 - 10 February
Language: English
Audience: History teachers

This event will take a philosophical approach focusing on historical significance of the war and on memory and remembrance. By analysing and engaging with sources from Historiana participants will be encouraged to reflect in an interactive way on questions such as 'what do we chose to remember?' 'what do we chose to forget?', and 'how do we make such choices?'. 

'3Cs in eTwinning Projects Through 2.0 Web Tools'
Expert: Adil Tugyan
6 - 16 February
Language: English
Audience: All teachers running eTwinning Projects

In this event, teachers will learn how to use 2.0 web tools effectively through eTwinning projects with unique problem-based scenarios that will help them understand how to choose the best Web 2.0 tools for their needs.

'Cooperative learning and assessment'
Expert: Rosa Gaspar
15 - 26 February
Language: English
Audience: All eTwinning teachers

eTwinning is an opportunity for the promotion of cooperative learning, projecting and implementing of a cooperative network in the classroom. Teachers will learn how to present and share ideas, strategies, tools and teaching techniques, which would motivate and empower pupils' involvement both in the every-day class and in project activities. 

'Learning in a Museum'
Expert: Daniela Bunea
1 - 13 March
Language: English
Audience: All eTwinning teachers

The aim is to explore the educational value and potential of museums nowadays, and several strategies about how to transform the young visitors' enthusiasm into connected, engaging, integrated activities that lead to growth.

'Integration of eTwinning and KA1 projects'
Expert: Nataša Ljubić Klemše
17 - 29 March
Language: English
Audience: All eTwinning teachers

The event will provide examples of good practice of integrating eTwinning in KA1 projects through the usage of eTwinning Live tools and TwinSpace.

'Teaching English differently'
Expert: Marina Screpanti
17 - 27 March
Language: English
Audience: Teachers who teach English (Primary or Secondary) and teachers who have CLIL classes

Learn new strategies and methods to teach English so that languages are learnt to talk and understand in real communicative contexts where motivation is the engine of the learning process.

'The integration of newly arrived migrant pupils in daily school life'
Experts: Erika Hummer & Alicia Bankhofer
17 - 28 April
Language: English
Audience: All eTwinning Teachers 

Today we are faced with the current challenge of refugee students. How can we support integration and inclusion of the newly arrived kids in our classes? How do we deal with language? “Learning with each other and from one another” is the focal point of this learning event.

'Innovation, integration and collaboration in eTwinning'
Experts: Ângela Viegas & Vanêssa Mendes
19 - 30 April
Language: Portuguese
Audience: Special needs teachers who speak Portuguese

This event is directed towards every teacher of primary and secondary education, especially the ones who teach students with special education needs, and its main objective is the development of skills which will make them understand the philosophy of eTwinning projects. 

'Basic skills for Smartphones/Tablets/BYOD in schools'
Expert: Kurt Schlegel
5 - 14 May
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

This event will familiarize you with the basics for Smartphones/Tablets/BYOD, audio editing, video editing, and some special apps.

'What will the future bring in education?'
Expert: Adam Stępiński
15 - 28 May
Language: Polish
Audience: All teachers who speak Polish

The main aim of the event is to familiarize the participants with latest educational trends, make them evaluate various methodologies and implement some solutions regarding teaching and project work into their daily practice.

'A beginners guide to the inclusive and accessible classroom'
Experts: Donal O'Reilly & Katja Engelhardt
26 June - 7 July
Language: English
Audience: Teachers, head teachers & other educational stakeholders

How can we make our classrooms more inclusive – and why does it matter? In this event we will also focus on practical tools and tips on how to make learning materials more accessible to all students and how to give particular support to students with special needs.

'Digital Creativity'
Experts: Tommaso Dalla Vecchia, Anusca Ferrari, Oscar Güell, Tomislava Recheva 
03 - 16 July
Language: English
Audience: Teachers, primary and secondary school teachers interested in leading their students through the discovery of an active use of technologies and the development of their digital creativity

This learning event will provide an introduction to the effective pedagogical use of technology in the classroom, not only as teaching and learning tools, but also as instruments for the active participation and inclusion of pupils and students in the digital society.