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Learning Events

What is it? Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. The themes are related to pedagogical aspects in particular. They are led by an expert, and include active work and discussion among teachers. Learning Events include asynchronous and sometimes synchronous activities, and are run in a widely-spoken European language. You can receive certification for participating in this event.

Who organises it? The eTwinning Central Support Service

Who can participate? All registered eTwinning teachers. Participants may be selected according to theme of the event. Learning Events have an average of 200 participants.

Duration? Learning Events take place over 10 - 15 days.

Where? These events happen online in the eTwinning Learning Lab.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in taking part in one of the following professional development opportunities, log in to eTwinning Live and check the Professional Development tab.

Entrepreneurial learning across all subjects
Experts: Anusca Ferrari and Tomislava Recheva
11 - 22 September 2017
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

This Learning Event aims to train and empower teachers (primary and secondary school, VET education) in fostering the sense of initiative and the entrepreneurial mind-set of their students by developing innovative and creative attitudes and skills.

Using Mobile devices in the primary classroom
Experts: Rose-Anne Camilleri / Antonella Giles
14 - 28 September 2017
Language: English
Audience: Primary school teachers

In this Learning Event, we shall discuss the use of Apps and web-based tools which we may use in our primary classrooms.

eTwinning in kindergarten
Expert: Adrijana Višnjić Jevtić 
25 September - 06 October 2017
Language: Croatian 
Audience: Kindergarten teachers and headmasters 

The participants will be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to plan and implement eTwinning projects in kindergarten and a list of the best Web 2.0 tools that can be effectively used with such young learners.

The Power of DNA Technology
Expert: Agnes Szmolenszky
25 September - 06 October 2017
Language: English
Audience: Science teachers

This Learning Event will aim at stimulating science high school teachers to implement knowledge and new skills into the most recent developments of genetic engineering and to become familiar with a range of exciting activities, which can be carried out in a classroom setting. 

Ako rozvíjať rezilienciu v škole
Expert: Kornelia Lohynova 
02 - 13 October 2017
Language: Slovak
Audience: Teachers who understand Slovak language

The aims of this Learning Events are to understand dimensions of resilience and its importance for a successful life, to encourage teachers at schools in all areas of the curriculum to develop resilience of their pupils, and to offer teachers the way how to develop the skills important for being resilient and have resilient mind-set.

Future School - Trends and Challenges
Expert: Tiina Sarisalmi 
02 - 13 October 2017
Language: English
Audience: All eTwinning Plus teachers 

How will learning environments, teachers' roles and learning itself change in the near future? What are the current trends and challenges in teaching and learning? In this Learning Event, we will discuss future school and education to be able to meet the challenges and be inspired by new possibilities. 

Cyberbullying: when the virtual threat becomes real
Expert: Sonia Seixas 
16 - 30 October 2017
Language: English
Audience: All teachers in primary, middle and secondary schools

In this Learning Event, we intend to reflect on the difference between bullying and cyberbullying, as well as the main factors that facilitate the occurrence or the transition from one to another. We will also address the preventive and interventional approaches.

Codage et apprentissage
Experts: João Torres & Miguel Figueiredo 
17 - 28 October 2017
Language: French
Audience: All eTwinning teachers

Coding language and computational thinking are tools which can support the development of 21st century competences. Teachers will be able to reflect upon the boundless opportunities that coding offers, and possibly use it in eTwinning projects.

Values-based education in daily teaching and project work
Expert: Adam Stępiński 
06 - 19 November 2017
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

In this Learning Event, we’ll try to look at values-led education as an educational approach which may bring lots of benefits both in our daily teaching and eTwinning projects that we conduct.

Developing educational training activities for NAM students
Expert: Nektaria Palaiologou 
06 - 16 November 2017
Language: English
Audience: All teachers

In this Learning Event, we will explore educational activities that teachers could adjust to the needs of their classes for Pre-Primary and Early Primary Education NAM (newly arrived migrants) children.

Active digital Citizenship - Meeting the Challenges
Experts: Kooperative Berlin 
07 - 20 November 2017
Language: German
Audience: German-speaking teachers

In this Learning Event, participants will answer to relevant questions like:

  • How can schools teach students to become active digital citizens?
  • How can school life, social commitment and participation be linked in/through the Internet and mutually support each other?
  • How can pupils be encouraged to engage in civil society (in the internet)?
  • Which approaches have proven to successful? 

Let’s start eTwinning!
Expert: Celina Świebocka 
13 - 27 November 2017
Language: Polish
Audience: All teachers who speak Polish and are beginning to use eTwinning

This Learning Event will guide teachers in the effective and pedagogic use of eTwinning and also act as an instrument to help introduce pupils and students to the concept of digital citizenship.

Emotional Intelligence in eTwinning projects
Experts: Angeliki Kougiourouki, Rania Bekiri 
13 - 23 November 2017
Language: English
Audience: eTwinning Plus

The aim is to help teachers comprehend how they can consider some principles of Emotional Intelligence so that their pupils can benefit and perform better at eTwinning projects.

Collaborative learning and teaching: from theory to practice
Experts: Anna Laghigna / Viola Pinzi 
27 November - 15 December 2017
Language: English
Audience: Primary and secondary school teachers, vocational education teachers, teachers’ trainers and head of schools

This Learning Event will introduce collaborative learning and teaching as learner-centered approach; presenting key theoretical aspects as well as practical suggestions on designing learning activities that includes collaboration and on how to assess these processes.

Pedagogical use of online tools in Language Teaching
Expert: Rita Zurrapa 
27 November - 08 December 2017
Language: English
Audience: eTwinning Plus language teachers

It is important that the online tools are used in a pedagogical way according to the teachers and students’ needs. The development of online tools is rapid; thus, it is important to promote lifelong learning attitude both in students and teachers. During the Learning Event, the tools will be presented with examples of their pedagogical use.