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Intellectual Property Rights and data protection

eTwinning is the largest network of teachers in the world. As an online network a key feature to the success of eTwinning is eSafety, and responsible use of the internet as a tool in education.

In April 2015 a new group was launched alongside all eTwinning featured groups on eSafety. This group allows users to become familiar with critical issues related to data protection, intellectual property and digital citizenship. This group on eTwinning Live has been active in sharing information, promoting discussions on responsible use of digital tools and hosted a couple webinars on themes of eSafety.

As eTwinning promotes virtual mobility with projects, many eTwinners resort to using digital media. However intellectual property rights dictate the use of digital media and sharing, and it is important to consider the property of digital content before using it. The eSafety group provides tools to help understand what content can be sharable in classrooms settings or as materials for projects. The eSafety group has 553 members, today. The group has organised 2 online expert talks in the fall. The recordings to the expert talks are still available.

As many teachers are aware it is important for the parents of students who take part in eTwinning projects to know how their students’ data is being used in projects and online. The eSafety team provide advice and instructions on protection the data of students online for use of teachers in eTwinning projects.

In the following year, we will speak more topics on safety, digital rights and data protection will be brought up with the theme ‘digital citizenship’.