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Impact of eTwinning on: teachers

As part of the 10-year anniversary of eTwinning, 6,000 eTwinning teachers took part in a survey which investigated how eTwinning is affecting participating teachers’ professional practice and professional development.

91% of teachers reported that eTwinning improved their cross curricular skills

One of the areas in which eTwinning has had its biggest impact is in the area of teaching cross-curricular skills. Over 90% of teachers surveyed declared that their competence in teaching transversal skills such as team work, creativity, problem-solving, and decision taking were improved by eTwinning.

89% of teachers reported that their foreign language skills for teaching and project-based teaching skills were improved by eTwinning

Working on projects with teachers from different countries has a significant impact on teachers’ project-based teaching skills, as well as foreign language skills for teaching. Similarly, 80% of teachers reported that their skills in teaching in a multilingual/multicultural setting benefited from taking part in eTwinning projects.

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