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Helping students to have a voice – European Elections 2019

In less than 100 days, European citizens will be asked to cast their vote and decide what’s next for Europe. The European elections, held between 23 and 26 May, will shape the European Union for the years to come.

The European Commission and its various services like eTwinning want to reach out to as many people as possible to help them make an informed decision when they vote. We are helping to show in what ways the European Union empowers its people to lead better lives, protects those in need and helps countries to create jobs and revitalise communities.

This year eTwinning is focusing on Democratic Participation and encourages all those with Europe at heart to join us – including teachers and students. Even if your students are too young to vote this time, we encourage them to debate about the issues and feel engaged and listened to.

You can find below links to new material that you can use to help colleagues and students understand the process of the elections and the kinds of fields and actions the EU institutions are involved in. The material is available in many of EU languages: