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EU and eTwinning go to schools!

“I really liked participating in EU Games 2015-2016 because I learned without knowing I was learning about Europeans' cultures”, said Cristina Madrigal from Spain, one of the pupils that took part in an award winning eTwinning project. More than two hundred pupils and teachers from the eTwinning Community were rewarded during this year’s European Prize ceremonies that took place in five different countries: Spain, Greece, France, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

Every year, eTwinning awards and celebrates the best projects as part of the annual European eTwinning Prize Competition and recognises the amazing work done by teachers and their pupils, in partnership with their colleagues from other countries.

The prize ceremonies brought together not only the winning students and teachers but also school principals, ministry of education representatives, parents and officials from the European Commission, who congratulated the winners personally and gave prizes to the pupils, who were thrilled about their new tablets: 'After the prize giving Cécile Leclercq from the European Commission came to talk to us. It wasn't just a quick 'well done', but she really took the time to talk to us and ask us questions. She was so friendly and interested in us!’ said one of the pupils, Eveline Mironov. 

The teachers were proud and extremely happy to celebrate their work together with their students in a festive atmosphere: “The pupils felt pretty surprised and honoured that people would fly in from other places in Europe to meet them and give prizes!” said Heather Bainbridge, one of the teachers from the ceremony in les Pennes-Mirabeau. Pupils were excited to receive the awards and present their work in front of their parents, family and friends and they did not feel at all intimidated by the presence of the press, but on the contrary: “I managed to talk to a journalist for real!” one of the awarded pupils exclaimed!

During the ceremonies that took place simultaneously, the partner schools connected via a video-conference in which pupils and their teachers shared their experiences, students recited poems, they showcased their work and played games together, even if they were in different parts of the continent. 
The prize events were also widely covered in the news thanks to the presence of journalists from both written press and TV, such as Canalnorte, rtv OOST, Baltic News Service, and thousands of people followed the ceremonies on Social Media. 
Click here to see photos from the ceremonies:

The eTwinning Prizes cover three age categories (4-11, 12-15 and 16-19 years old) and in each category, a European jury chooses the winner and finalist projects. Click here to find out more about the selection procedure for the Awards:

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