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eTwinning’s added value – Continuous Professional Development

eTwinning acts as a professional development community, providing opportunities for teachers to enhance their skills, competencies and pedagogic approaches!

To this end eTwinning Groups and online Learning Events were introduced in 2009, followed by the launch of eTwinning Webinars in 2013, which, since 2014, are known today as Online Seminars. These are live video-conferencing sessions where teachers have the chance to learn, talk about and discuss specific themes, like Collaborative Learning: from theory to practice; Israel-Palestine for a better understanding; the eTwinning School concept; New frameworks, narratives and policies of cultural creativity and The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in School.

In 2017, Learning Events and Online Seminars, as well as Professional Development Workshops, proved to be extremely appreciated by the participant eTwinners:

‘Great occasion to grow up and many ideas to develop.’


‘I was amazed by the amount of positive energy that was delivered by all participants and organization team and attending this type of meetings is a must for educators, if not for other reason, to know that there are a lot of people who wants to do some difference in a school life.’


The themes of the learning events vary from learning how to integrate newly arrived migrant pupils in daily school life (you can see outcomes here) to learning about digital creativity, and the pedagogical use of online tools in language teaching (main outcomes here, and here, respectively).

Teachers on eTwinning consider these professional development opportunities a crucial element for their work now and in the future. Of the 6735 total participants in the learning events (LE) and online seminars (OS) in 2017, 58.9% filled in an evaluation form after their event. 93% and 95% respectively of the respondents found the learning events and the online seminars excellent and very good!

Satisfaction Rates

More specifically, there was an increase in teacher participation in both learning events and online seminars, compared to 2016:

  • Total participants per learning event 2016: 4195 / 2017: 4465 10.5% rise!
  • Total participants per eTwinning Plus learning event 2016: 471 / 2017: 648 13.75% rise!
  • Total participants per online seminar 2016: 1464 / 2017: 1622 11% rise!

Register on eTwinning today, and benefit from all the professional development opportunities eTwinning has to offer!