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eTwinning welcomes the eighth and newest member of eTwinning Plus - Lebanon

We are delighted to announce that Lebanon has joined the eTwinning Plus family.

Lebanon has always been a key country for the European Neighbourhood Policy, and more specifically for the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. Lebanon and the European Union have enjoyed close political ties since April 2006.

Education especially, is a sector where this long-standing relationship is thriving. Lebanon’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme has been a success. The programme, according to the Minister of Education and Higher Education Marwan Hamadeh, has played an important role in building human and physical capacities in higher education institutions in Lebanon.

To strengthen this special relationship, as of July 2018 Lebanon has become the newest country involved in eTwinning Plus.

In 2012, eTwinning Plus was launched as a project to provide a platform for schools from countries from Europe’s immediate neighbourhood, to link with schools participating in eTwinning.

Teachers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, part of the Eastern Partnership and Tunisia, and Jordan, part of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, have been actively involved in the eTwinning community.

Teachers in Lebanon, which is also part of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, can now begin their own adventure into eTwinning Plus, take part in projects, meet colleagues from other countries and cultures and enrol in various continuing professional development opportunities. Teachers from eTwinning countries now have the opportunity to engage in collaborative activities with their counterparts in Lebanon and build links and connections with them.