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eTwinning is looking for “eTwinning schools”!

eTwinning is broadening its scope from teachers to schools: become the first European eTwinning schools!

One of the main recommendations of the 2015 eTwinning monitoring report[1], which aimed for schools to be involved in a wider sense, is “to target the involvement of school heads and senior school management (also in order to) heighten the chances that eTwinning practices will influence school policy and be mainstreamed.”

From October 2017, your school will have the opportunity to gain the official title “eTwinning school”!

Why should you apply?

  • To give your school a European presence and greater visibility at local, regional and national level;
  • To receive recognition for the work done in your school by all staff involved in eTwinning related activities;
  • To influence policies: your school will become a model for other schools, and for regional and national authorities

Are you ready?

  1. Has your school been registered on eTwinning for 2 years?
  2. Is your Head teacher or someone from school management registered on eTwinning?
  3. Are at least two teachers registered on eTwinning in your school?
  4. Have you taken part in at least one European project this year, which has been awarded a National Quality Label?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are eligible! If not, you still have a few months to take action, such as applying for a National Quality Label. In October 2017 all schools who meet the above-mentioned criteria will be invited to apply for the title of “eTwinning school”!


[1]  6000 teachers took part in the survey.