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eTwinning is happy to announce five new Project Kits!

eTwinning provides project kits that can be used as a step-by-step guide for its users who are searching for inspiration to produce successful projects.

We are delighted to inform you that five new projects are now available in all languages. These kits deal with essential subjects such as multicultural literacy, personal and social skills, citizenship and democratic values. Here is a brief overview of what each project kit has to offer:

A book a day keeps boredom away! - This kit focuses mainly on literature; students are given the opportunity to investigate the multicultural quality of literature and its power to cross boundaries. To access the kit, click here:

Living in Harmony! - It is important that school education should not only focus on the skills and knowledge that students generally gain, but also on their character and the kind of person they will become. This kit aims to help students develop their interpersonal and social skills. To discover more about this kit, click here:

Your Voices Count! - The younger generation should be able to acknowledge their citizenship competences. If active citizenship were fostered in the early years of a child’s life, children would gradually develop a sense of civil understanding and become responsible citizens. Click here to learn more about how this kit aims to achieve this goal:

Too young to vote, old enough to make a change! - It is crucial to help our students recognize that democratic participation is not only achieved through voting in the elections, but also through participating in decision-making in our everyday lives. This kit covers the values of democracy and aims to help students form opinions and attitudes regarding society and politics. To discover more about this kit, click here:

Have your say on your education! - This kit aims to support students in promoting democratic values within their school communities by improving their communication, collaboration, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Click here to access the kit and learn about how you can encourage your students to build a more inclusive and equitable school environment for all:

We strongly suggest you to go and examine these new kits and get inspired to create your very own successful eTwinning project!