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eTwinning is excited to announce two new Project Kits for eTwinning Plus!

In order to be able to give teachers ideas and inspiration which they can adapt for their own projects, eTwinning provides tools called “Project Kits”.

These project kits can be used as paradigms for teachers who are searching for fresh ideas and who would like to produce similar projects.

We are very happy to inform you that two new kits are available in all languages for eTwinning Plus! These kits will shed light on significantly important subjects such as nutrition and e-safety.

Below, is a brief overview of what these kits offer.

Nutrition: Source of Life and Art: This project kit aims to enlighten students about the study of nutrition with the objective to raise awareness of a healthy and balanced diet, whilst providing students with the opportunity to discover different artists from around the world. To discover more about this kit, click here.

Better e-Safe than Sorry: Online safety, either within or outside of school, is an important matter for the younger generation. With this kit students will learn about online safety issues, discover practices that can prevent theft of personal and private information, and produce original materials to raise awareness within their schools. To access this kit, click here.

We urge you to discover these two “Project Kits” to become inspired and begin your very own eTwinning projects!