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eTwinning and Friends: COFACE Families Europe

COFACE Families Europe is a friend of eTwinning, the organisation promotes the well-being, health and security of families in the EU and beyond.

eTwinning Friends offer valuable content related to their work and field of expertise, and thus provide teachers with the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge by accessing educational materials from experts across Europe.

Since 2014 COFACE Families Europe and eTwinning have built a relationship of cooperation. COFACE have actively participated in the eTwinning Annual Conferences, offering workshops such as “Decentralized technologies and how they will transform the Internet (rather, the Web)” in Malta in 2017.

More recently, Claire Morvan, Communication Manager of eTwinning, was a workshop leader during a COFACE conference “Building Sustainable and Future Proof Education Systems” in Graz, Austria.

The workshop “The transformative power of digitalization in schools: where to draw the line?” explored the positive uses of digital tools in schools and gave helpful information on topics such as “Interaction between teachers and parents from different cultural backgrounds”, “Digital gap” and “digital access”.

The workshop concluded that technology in the classroom has a potential that can be harnessed for many purposes:

“including blended learning (mixing digital with “physical”), inclusive learning, collaborative learning (cross-border with other schools), and many others, all the while minimizing the potentially negative effects on their students (screen time, developing critical thinking skills and resilience with regards to online content, etc).”

For more information about the workshop read more here.

COFACE Families Europe which has been the name of the organization since 2016, was founded in 1958. Since then, the organization has developed greatly and has been representing and voicing the needs of families in the EU.

At the moment COFACE has 58 member organisations in 23 Member States of the EU, which respond at national or regional level to the needs of families, with a particular focus on families in vulnerable situations: families at risk of poverty, single parent and large families, migrant families, same-sex families, families with a disabled or chronically ill member, families living in areas with limited childcare and health services.

The core values of COFACE Families Europe are: non-discrimination, equal opportunities, respect for human rights, empowerment, social inclusion, and solidarity.