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Cultural Heritage - eTwinning’s Spotlight for 2018!

While the year is still young, it is time to announce eTwinning’s annual theme! eTwinning’s activities in 2018 will revolve around the theme of Cultural Heritage!

“Our cultural heritage is more than the memory of our past; it is the key to our future.” Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport stated in 2017.

Why Cultural Heritage?

Cultural heritage has a universal value and it comes in many shapes and forms.

From tangible (buildings, monuments, books, archaeological sites and many more) and intangible (practices, languages, oral traditions), to natural (landscapes, flora and fauna) and digital (digital art, animation, video and records), cultural heritage evokes values, critical thinking, awareness about the past and wisdom for the future to come.

As it is stated from the European Commission, here.

Through cherishing our cultural heritage, we can discover our diversity and start an inter-cultural conversation about what we have in common. So what better way to enrich our lives than by interacting with something so central to who we are?

For the above reasons the theme of cultural heritage will offer an amazing opportunity to the teachers of eTwinning to create unique learning experiences that will put in use intercultural educational practices with the goal to support and strengthen European cooperation.

Therefore, teachers roll your sleeves up and put on your thinking hats! 2018 promises to be a busy and exciting year for all of us!

Watch the video below and get some inspiration for your own projects.

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Find out more about Cultural heritage and the European Agenda for Culture 2007.