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Coding for culture: Connecting digital skills with cultural heritage

Do you know that you can celebrate eTwinning Weeks and our diverse cultural heritage while integrating some elements of coding and digital creativity in your classroom?

This year you have the opportunity to explore the connection between digital innovation, tradition, and culture with your students, and to register your activity in the Code Week website!

Regardless of the subject you teach, or your knowledge of coding, you can easily organise a lesson to celebrate cultural heritage and coding in your classroom. For example, you could ask your students to create a game to learn about Romanticism, transform historical documents into apps or even create a digital media object to learn about English Renaissance.

You can also download the lesson plan Cultural Heritage and Visual Programming and replicate or adapt it for use with your students. You could use this game, created with Scratch to support the lesson plan, and try to do the same with your students. If you do run a coding based activity you can register it on the Code Week map before the 21st October, and get a certificate validated by the European Commission.

If you would like to take up an extra challenge, you can participate in the CodeWeek4all challenge, and get a Certificate of Excellence as well.

Lastly, make sure you use the hashtag #codeweek in all the coding events and projects you are planning to organise in eTwinning. All members of the community are encouraged to set up projects on the theme of ‘Cultural Heritage’ and coding.

What are you waiting for? Get involved in Code Week, join our Facebook group, and make sure to pin your activity on the map.