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2018 highlights from the eTwinning Groups!

In 2018, eTwinning celebrated a record number of groups. At the end of the year there were more than 3000 active groups involving more than 120,000 eTwinners.

Through the eTwinning Groups, teachers are able to share their expertise, disseminate best practices, and connect with other teachers across Europe and beyond. The topics of these groups vary from science education to language learning, and include resources, new methodologies and teaching strategies. The strength of the groups lies in the active participation of users which helps teachers easily connect with other active eTwinners.

Featured Groups’ are run by eTwinners who have completed the eTwinning moderators’ course. Currently, there are 14 active Featured Groups focusing on a specific themes such as coding or entrepreneurship in education. Each Featured Group sets out activities and tasks for teachers to collaborate on and discuss. Together, these Featured Groups attract more than 68,000 eTwinners.

Virgilio is a group specifically for new eTwinners. The group includes information and assistance for teachers who are at the beginning of their eTwinning journey.
Activities and projects are carried out throughout the year in the groups. The most popular activities are online seminars, expert talks and “chats”. In the last year alone, the Featured Groups organised over 40 webinars for their members.

Groups in eTwinning is an excellent platform to highlight teachers’ creativity and imagination. Last year teachers were particularly active in creating videos, participating in picture competitions and exchanging postcards with other eTwinning teachers and students. The Annual Theme of Cultural Heritage was also present in the Group activities. For example, in the Group “Creative Classroom” teachers created a “Trivial Pursuit game on Cultural Heritage”, and in the group “Entrepreneurship in Education” teachers created videos showcasing traditional recipes.

How can you join an eTwinning group and experience all these activities? It is very easy! Just log in to eTwinning Live, go to the ‘Groups’ section, find a group of your preference using the search tool, and join.