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eTwinning Featured Groups

eTwinning Groups are private platforms for eTwinners to discuss and work together on a specific theme. The aim is to share practice examples, discuss teaching and learning methodologies and find support for professional development.

More specifically, our ‘Featured Groups’ are run by an eTwinner who has completed the eTwinning Moderators Course, with each Group setting out activities and tasks for teachers to collaborate on and discuss. Topics vary from language teaching, to entrepreneurship in education, to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Take a look at the groups on eTwinning Live, find one you like, and join! 

Who organises it? The eTwinning Central Support Service

How to join an eTwinning group? It’s very easy, just log in to eTwinning Live, go to the ‘Groups’ section, find a Group using the search tool, and join! 

Current eTwinning Groups:

Global Community of Practice – Vocational Education (VET)


Moderators: Petra Jeanine Nip and Rosario Rodríguez Utrilla

Global Community of Practice is targeted for teachers and educators in vocational education and training (VET) schools. The Group invites you to share your projects, and at the same time offers different projects for students in vocational colleges.

Virgilio – an introduction to eTwinning


Moderators: Paola Arduini, Laura Maffei and Elena Pezzi

Are you a new eTwinner? Have you been around for a while, trying to find your way? Are you feeling lost and in need of some help? You are in the right place! This Group will assist you in your journey through the eTwinning wonderland: you’ll see how it works, and how it can work for you. And you’ll feel its spirit: the constant exchange of ideas and experiences in a teachers’ and students’ community of practice, learning from each other. Join us now and start your journey!

eTwinning for School Leadership

School Leadership

Moderator: Rita Zurrapa

This group is specifically aimed at school principals and those involved in the leadership of schools. It follows on from the thematic conference on ‘Citizenship - a new ethic for the 21st Century’, held in Florence, Italy, in September 2016. In the group we will continue to discuss and explore solutions to the challenges to school leadership in our world today.

Bringing eSafety into eTwinning projects


Moderator: Aneta Wilk

The group is for all eTwinners using social media in education, especially those who are actively engaged in carrying out eTwinning projects. The general objectives of the group are to provide teachers with guidance on the subject concerning keeping pupils eSafe while using digital media in education, especially in the context of carrying out eTwinning projects; to develop teachers’ skills in scope of preparing their own didactic material regarding eSafety that can be used in their teaching practice; to share and exchange knowledge on the topic with other teachers.

Creative Classroom

Creative Classroom

Moderator: Angeliki Kougiourouki

A creative community of teachers and friends where we share experience, ideas, take part in creative activities, webinars and learn from each other. Creative Classroom is about sharing creatively and recognizing teachers' work at school. Creative Classroom Group is continuing its 7 year old journey to the new Groups platform.

English as a Second Language

English as Second Language

Moderator: Theodora Gkeniou

A group for all eTwinning teachers who teach English as a second language. A place for inspiration, collaboration and professional development!

Entrepreneurship in education


Moderator: Kornelia Lohynova

Entrepreneurship education is about enabling young people to develop the skills they need for life and work. These crucial skills are teachable and must be integrated into educational subjects at all levels. How? Let´s enter the Business Incubator, take initiative and together discover the ways how to develop enterprise capabilities of our pupils and ours as well. Participants will learn from each other and become Teacherpreneurs with positive and active mindset.

Game-based classroom

Game-based Classroom

Moderator: Glykeria Gkouvatsou

Today games are a common language crossing the borders. The question is not whether games are appropriate for learning, but how to take advantage of young people's passion and integrate games into teaching/learning processes. This group aims at focusing on the above question and helpfully distinguishing between Commercial and Educational Games and how the latter may promote learning, collaboration and critical thinking.

Inclusive education

Inclusive Education

Moderator: Marijana Smolčec

A group for all educators who want to improve educational skills and strengthen their competencies in teaching students with learning disabilities or special needs, but also gifted/talented students. A support group where teachers will share their experience, materials, activities and participate in Online Seminars dedicated to different types of Inclusive Students.



Moderator: Rafael Montero

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers from all levels ARE welcome! This group IS a meeting point, a place to share and learn from each other. Nanotechnologies, ICT, Astronomy, Inquiry Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Promoting Scientific Vocations, Collaborative Working, Science Fairs... Like them? Join!

Sustainability Education Network Service eTwinning (SENSE)


Moderator: Agustín Bastida Rodríguez

Teach green! Let's preserve the Planet for our future generations. Carbon Footprint. Greenhouse Effect. Climate Change. Recycling. Energy. Water... These are some of the most common aspects dealt with when we talk about the environment, but Sustainability Education is much more than that. Come and find out. ESD: You know it makes SENSE.

Gender - Know How to Stop Stereotypes

Gender - Know how to stop stereotypes

Moderator: Marie Louise Petersen

This group is open to eTwinners who want to share knowledge and teaching practices on gender and sexuality in English, French and Scandinavian language(s). The group will share knowledge on fighting against Gender stereotypes and Sexism and how to ensure gender equality, liberty & diversity in the classroom, playground and in society. The group will share good ideas on how to teach gender and sexuality issues, share best practices and challenges when teaching gender equality. The idea is also to give inspiration and courage on how to work with gender in different subjects. 

Integrating Migrant Students at School

Integrating Migrant Students

Moderator: Carol Barriuso

How can integration of young refugees be achieved at school? What particular challenges does the school community face and how does it deal with it? Which educational concepts and teaching materials have proved to be successful and could serve other schools as an example? This group is primarily intended to be a place of mutual assistance in which school leaders and teachers can share experiences and materials.

Coding at Schools

Coding at schools

Moderator: Stefania Altieri

Let's introduce Coding concepts in our classrooms and develop the computational thinking! One of the most important aspects in learning using coding in the school activities is that students can face a new way to frame thinking by solving problems. Moreover, while studying and playing, they improve their soft skills such as analytical thinking, cooperative work and creativity. This is the great advantage of teaching with coding and robotics.