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Self Teaching Material

Have you ever wanted support to guide you through your eTwinning journey?

We have ready-made materials at hand in your own language.

The self-teaching materials (STM) answer all of your questions on why and how to use eTwinning. This set of resources help you explore the features of the platform and guide you through the different stations of your eTwinning journey.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced eTwinner, STM are here to support you with useful tips. Read the STM materials and take the quizzes – develop and build your knowledge of all the areas of eTwinning.

Learn about:

  • Preparing to become an active eTwinner
  • Communicating in eTwinning 
  • Collaboration in eTwinning
  • Management of the Twinspace
  • Professional development and networking
  • How to achieve quality

Click below to access the STM and start explore eTwinning!