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Have you registered in eTwinning? Let’s start! Take the time to read, explore the site and begin networking with other colleagues in eTwinning Live. What about setting up a new project? If you don’t feel ready for that yet, you can check our professional development opportunities, or get started with the eTwinning Self Teaching Materials. eTwinning Groups are also a great place to connect with like-minded individuals on specific topics.


Work together

After login, you will access eTwinning Live, the virtual home of eTwinners. Update your profile with pictures and information about yourself, find people to follow and connect with, and, when you are ready for a project, check the partner forums to find interesting colleagues. After finding partners, it is easy to set up and start your project.



There is always room for improvement! eTwinning helps you improve your teaching skills, engage your pupils, empower your school, and enrich your community. Use the eTwinning Self Teaching Materials to learn about the features of the eTwinning platform. Check your competences via the Monitoring eTwinning Practice tool to assess your potential and learn how to get the most out of eTwinning.