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It is important that communication does not only take place between the project partners. The project should also be shared in one way or another with different stakeholders inside your own school community. It could be other pupils and teachers who were not part of the project, or parents and the school board.

When the project is over, there is the opportunity to disseminate the outcomes in the different school communities. It is also important to share some highlights of the project work at an earlier stage. By doing so, the pupils in the project will feel recognised. Sharing project outcomes will also have a positive effect on the growth of eTwinning at the school and the expansion of the eTwinning Team.


        1. During the project, the TwinSpace Project Journal can be made public, to provide regular information on the main project activities. The school website can also be used to post about these activities.

        2. At the end of the project, pupils can share and present their experiences with an audience of pupils and teachers who did not take part in the project and/or parents.

        3. The project outcomes can be presented at a stand on the school open day.

        4. Digital tools can be used to visualise the main results of your project, like videos and infographics.

        Suggested technology: