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The added value of eTwinning projects is that it creates classrooms without a wall. Pupils can interact with peers from other European countries and beyond. They can share their views and their culture. They can compare and they can build their identity. The most important thing is that communication takes place in a safe way with mutual respect. Communication should never be forced.

Communication can take place in different ways. It can be verbal or non-verbal. Sharing images, videos and written texts are certain ways of communicating.

The communication tools integrated in the TwinSpace give the opportunity to have a more direct way of communication. Teachers can set up discussion forums. Forums can be used to engage students in non-simultaneous interaction. With Twinmail, every member of the project can send individual messages. Teachers can also organise live events for all the members of the TwinSpace and book a virtual room to make use of the video-conferencing system.


        1. Organise a debate with the pupils of all partner schools to collect their opinions on a specific topic. Ask a question and ask them to provide their arguments to support their opinions, read what the other students write and vote in favour of the opinions that reflect their thoughts.

        Suggested technologies: TwinSpace Forum,,,

        2. Organise a Live Event with the pupils of all classes. The pupils have to prepare some questions for their partners on a specific topic and they should also be ready to answer to the questions of their peers.

        Suggested technology: Adobe Connect (part of TwinSpace)

        3. Breakout rooms. The teacher creates transnational groups and assigns a different chatbox for each group. The participants can have a real time discussion on a certain topic.

        Suggested technology: