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Communication between project partners may result in collaboration. Collaboration activities are activities which lead to a tangible result. They can be digital products like movies, ebooks, mind maps, slideshows, quizzes, etc. They could also be the results of a forum discussion or an online meeting.

eTwinning projects offer a framework for project-based learning, which includes collaboration between pupils. Collaboration activities, as part of an eTwinning project, can simply take place between the members of just one class group, who create a product they can share with the other project partners. To have real eTwinning collaboration, the other project partners should give input and share, e.g. using data the other partners have to use to create new content.

One step further in the level of collaboration is that students from different class groups directly collaborate on a common product. In the TwinSpace, for instance, webpages can be assigned to transnational groups of pupils to give a space where they can work together and share outcomes.

Project managers should find ways to give the pupils the feeling that they contribute to one common outcome.


        1. Split your pupils in national or transnational groups and ask them to create a logo for the project. Upload all the logos and ask the pupils to vote for the one they like the most, justifying their choice with a comment under the picture.

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        2. Identify common songs in your countries and learn the song in one of your partner's languages.

        3. Create a common video with the different language versions of the song.

        4. Write a collaborative story on a specific topic, one country starts the story and the other countries continue it. Then one partner illustrates the other partner’s story.

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        5. Students decide what words they want to learn in other languages and they make a drawing of these words. Then, students of all classes record the words in their language and create an online dictionary.

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