Difficulty level : Easy
  • Level : From 3 to 6
  • Key competencies : Civic / Digital / Languages / Literacy / Mathematical / science / technology and engineering / Personal / social and learning

    Subject areas : Art / Cross Curricular / Design and Technology / Drama / Informatics / ICT / Language and Literature / Law / Mathematics / Geometry / Physical Education / Pre-school Subjects / Primary School Subjects / Psychology / Technology
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S.T.E.A.M learning, exploring themes through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics is the basis of this project. As the approach is very cross-curricular it fits well with the curricula of children in preschool or primary, although its methodology can really be applied at any level with varying degrees of sophistication. This project gives the opportunity to place STEAM subjects in the everyday reality of even very young children.

One way of approaching the topic is for the partners to find a monthly theme (one theme for each school) and then work on an activity together.

For example, if one school chooses the theme “Butterflies”, then other partners have to choose/share an activity to do together such as:
• Butterfly Science Activity chosen by Partner A
• Butterfly Technology Activity chosen by Partner B
• Butterfly Engineering Activity chosen by Partner C
• Butterfly Arts Activity chosen by Partner D.

The possibilities are endless.

Photo credits: Calin- stock.adobe.com

Introduction of partners

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Evaluation & Assessment

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