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eTwinning Schools Application 2021/2022 Closing Soon!

Applications for the eTwinning School Label 2021/2022 are currently underway. Have you received an email informing that your school was eligible to apply? Congratulations! Don’t forget: to be awarded the eTwinning School Label, you still have to complete and submit your application before 8 February 2021!

eTwinning School Label 2021/2022 applications opened in November 2020 for those schools that had successfully passed an automatic check on the following three requirements:

  • The school has been registered in eTwinning for more than 2 years.
  • There are at least 2 eTwinning teachers linked to the school who were active (in eTwinning projects, collaborations, events) during the years 2019 and 2020.
  • A member of the school participates in at least one European eTwinning project which was granted a National Quality Label (within the last two years from application date).

All registered eTwinning teachers from the schools meeting the criteria above have been contacted. Exactly 39,346 teachers from 5,198 eligible schools have received an invitation to fill in a self-assessment application form, available on eTwinning Live.

Before 8th February, the applicants are invited to self-evaluate on the following four criteria:

  • eTwinning and the development of eSafety awareness in the school.
  • eTwinning in relation to teaching and learning practices, interdisciplinary teaching, and project work.
  • eTwinning and strategic professional development for teachers and other school staff.
  • eTwinning and the strategic development of the school.

The eTwinning Schools Label is a recognition of the team effort of eTwinners, teachers and school leaders working in the same school.

Learn more about the eTwinning Schools in the 2020 Summary report on eTwinning Schools: towards a shared leadership approach, which offers an insight into eTwinning School practices. If you have questions, please contact your National Support Service.

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