eTwinning Plus

eTwinning Plus is how schools in one of the neighbouring countries can be involved in eTwinning



eTwinning Plus offers a platform for staff, working in a school in one of the neighbouring countries involved, to collaborate and be part of an extended eTwinning community.

Featured news

This section brings you news from across the eTwinning network. Look behind the scenes, explore what teachers learn from each other and by working with their pupils across borders; discover awarded eTwinning projects and learn about professional development opportunities.


Ready-made project kits are step-by-step guides to successful eTwinning projects. Project kits can be used as benchmarks for teachers who wish to implement similar projects, or as tools for inspiration for fresh ideas.


The gallery showcases a selection of best-practice examples, to inspire you when you design and run your own eTwinning project. If you want to discover more register.


Find eTwinning in your country

Did you know that 44 countries are involved in eTwinning, across Europe and beyond? You can check if your country is part of eTwinning on the map on the homepage. If it’s there, a National Support Organisation is at your disposal to provide support in your national language, promote eTwinning across your country, organise professional development activities, and much more.