Are you new to eTwinning and unsure of what to do next ? Worry no more! Ambassadors are there to support you with their experience, enthusiasm and exceptional eTwinning skills and knowledge. This engaged group of teachers are fundamental to the success of eTwinning in each and every country.


Counting more than 1500 of experienced members, it comes as no surprise that the eTwinning Ambassadors are an active community that works closely together to make eTwinning stronger. In collaboration with the National Support Services (NSS), and the Partner Support Agencies (PSA), they share good practices, learn from each other and develop their skills so that they are always ready to provide support and guidance to all eTwinners.

Are you an experienced eTwinner and interested in becoming an eTwinning Ambassador? The National Support Services and Partner Support Agencies are responsible for the selection and for supporting the existing network. Once they join, new ambassadors can participate in the Ambassadors Online Course, a great learning opportunity that introduces newcomers to their role and consolidates the community. In addition, they have many other opportunities to work together through the Ambassadors Group and dedicated Professional Development Workshop for ambassadors.

To contact an ambassador in your country search for users with the Ambassadors badge on eTwinning Live or contact your National Support Service.